Feb 27, 2010

This is only the beginning!

Tom, the bass player for All Ages, has been bugging me to write and maintain a blog... I keep telling him nobody wants to read what my thoughts on things are... but on the off chance you do, this will be the place where I'll unload.

The truth is I'm a very private person and appreciate the privacy I have... however I understand that We (All Ages and SSP) are very public organizations. We appreciate all of our friends and fans, and I hope if you have any question about who we are as people, you can easily find this page or Toms blog (If you read Japanese).

I named my blog "A New Kind of Citizen" because we are promoting our new album of the same name- but also because I believe that is what we need to become in order to survive with a sense of humanity and civilization. Otherwise... we'll just keep going on the way we do; Political leaders acting like children- not fighting the problems
but fighting each other and creating larger effects from damaged causes. So good luck to anyone who hears me, it's up to you to change the world. One act of kindness goes a long way. Become a New Kind of Citizen!!