Jun 23, 2010

Day 9: Salvage

Tom and I are in San Francisco now meeting with close friends and our small board of trustees to re-examine our options. An early Japan tour may be the result, but we are not happy about the idea of dropping the US Summer. We may alienate many bands and venues with whom we planned on working with along the way. Our van is fine.

Jun 22, 2010

Day 8: A Back Step Behind

Back in San Francisco. Regroup. Re-plan. We've had some ridiculously bad luck... the van and mileage were an increasing problem. We duct tape fixed that... but the BP spill, besides being a great tragedy and soon to be another example of injustice, has caused gas to increase by almost a dollar in some areas of the country. With summer fast approaching we anticipate even higher gas prices. Never mind the amount of money we've lost... The Tour is still on but we've had to cancel 4 shows to save 200, and our All Ages brand. We are fighting to continue on. Tom and I are feeling a lot of pressure but we've resolved ourselves to this tour. We've spent more than two years preparing and planning- so we need to adapt to the present situations. Don't get me wrong, we didn't invest everything into the US tour... We may relocate and rethink Japan as our primary tour location for the album with the US as a secondary. But the album was written for the US tour. We are taking a few days, but I haven't stopped booking, and we are practicing more than ever. We've cleaned out the van, and reorganized our merch... things are gonna be ok. We want to thank our title sponsor:
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Jun 17, 2010

Day 3: Business Business Business

We have been working on booking shows and discovering our van for these first couple of days. This gives us the option to go home and give up... if the van doesn't work... It works, so we'll just keep going. Tonight we play the Ruby Room on University in San Diego. This morning we played some acoustic in the park we've been sleeping at... The senior citizens walking by seemed to be enjoying themselves. Good thing we know how to play the jitter-bug!

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Jun 16, 2010

Day 2: A New Kind of Citizen Tour

Today we woke up freezing in the van... in SAN DIEGO... who knew? Day 1 was rough. This was our first long distance in the van and we had to do some quick fixing to keep our mileage. I'm surprised Tom and I didn't kill each other over the stress... but we're pros :)



NEXT SHOW: San Diego, THE RUBY ROOM 1271 University Ave. 21 and up 7PM ShArP!

Jun 2, 2010

New Songs on MYSPACE

What up? I loaded about 7 new tracks from "A New Kind of Citizen" Check them out and let us know what you think.