Apr 30, 2010

Booking The Tour Day 2

Another day of booking... Spent most of today researching fanzines and magazines willing to listen to some songs and offer reviews. Currently booking the West Coast. I agree this post is pointless, but Tom won't shut it unless I blog daily! So here we go.

Also a bit of Shameless Self Promotion:

Kimos May 19th

All Ages is playing with some killer local bands; Like Bandits, and Black Boy Rockin It... Come check it out. $6 21 and up ... Nudity considered.

Apr 29, 2010

Booking The Tour Day 1

All Ages is getting ready to embark on a huge world tour over the period of 32 months... and unless unforeseen good fortunes present themselves, we are uninterrupted in our quest. Todays booking began with a few short term dates in San Diego for May and June. The first leg of our tour will begin on the West Coast, Slowly move across the South, and up to New England. After a short a break will continue on for a short time across the northern and middle states back to California where we will record a single and prepare for Japan. Booking this tour is very exciting for me, because unlike all of the booking I've done in the past, I'm completely prepared and did all the work already. The rest is just filling in cracks. I'd like to personally thank "Ziggy" of "Another Zeke Production" from San Diego for helping to book All Ages. Keep up with our tour info and watch for when we come to a town near you... Peace. www.myspace.com/allagesband

Apr 21, 2010

Everyday, everyday, everyday

In my quest to blog, I've recently learned that no matter what I have to say, even if nothing, I should blog about it. So... um... it's Wednesday. Overcast, probably will rain, I don't know. How about that crazy volcano business... Tom is making me blog as I type here... but really I should be paying attention to the vocal mix that we are doing on "Hooray" a new track in All Ages debut album "A New Kind of Citizen". Blog end.

Apr 6, 2010

Noodles 2010 Recording

In the Studio this week with Noodles (Tokyo). They are working on a brand new album, that quite frankly is sounding like their best album yet. 11 tracks of pure honest music.

This is just a teaser because we can't officially put up any music... but if you look faintly through the glass and you can see a blurred Yoko. We are promoting heavily with Noodles for upcoming April 9th Show "From Japan with Love Vol. 4" at The Red Devil Lounge in SF.

Apr 3, 2010

Live Theater and the House Band

We (All Ages) have just finished up rehearsals and the opening night of PianoFights' Shortlived. Shortlived is the largest audience-judged playwriting competition in the country. All Ages is the house band- think late night shows. We cover the transitions between the plays while the audience is judging. All Ages also features two new songs from our upcoming album "A New Kind of Citizen".

The 8 plays are very well thought out, entertaining and funny. Only 4 plays go on to round 2. The rules of the competition are given to the attending audience during the introduction. The plays are filled with talented and experienced actors... including a bear... no, really a bear!

Shortlived is also running concurrently in Los Angeles. For more information on PianoFight and Shortlived visit www.pianofight.com

Shameless Self Productions is currently filming a documentary on the San Francisco Shortlived phenomenon. Tickets are selling fast! www.brownpapertickets.com enter promo code 'xocko' or 'allages'

Thank you for your continued support and don't forget to visit www.shameless-self.com