Dec 22, 2010

New Songs

I've been writing non stop for several days... being on tour didn't give me a chance to really think about stuff... I like some of it. Maybe we'll have enough material to release an EP in the Fall of 2011. Look out for our single 42 Sub Machine Guns due out Summer 2011 on Shameless Self~~

But we're back on the road in a few weeks, so it won't be long. See you soon.


Dec 12, 2010

February 2011 TOUR Leg

All Ages is now booking for February 2011. We will be in the following cities; Trenton-NJ, Cleveland-OH, Indianapolis-IN, St. Louis-MO, Breckenridge-CO, Denver-CO, Salt Lake City-UT, Prescott-AZ, Phoenix-AZ, Tempe-AZ, San Diego-CA, Fresno-CA, and a SpEcIaL CD Release WEST Show in SAN FRANCISCO!

For booking inquiries please e-mail; d.soares@shameless-self.com

Dec 10, 2010

Indianapolis, IN

What a great time in Indianapolis! We came to town to use the Borders at the mall for the free WiFi (we bought coffee!), and we happened upon LIZARDS lounge... They were having a Jam session Open mic. We walked in and inquired to what was going on and they immediately suspected that we were a band and gave us a 20 minute slot! Tom got Naked... again. We came back to Indianapolis after visiting Laura Sisk (engineer) in Bloomington, and we did a 30 minute set! We met some great people whom we hope to stay in touch with.

Lot's of love to Indianapolis, Indiana beautiful and kind people!

Check out the band Goliathon

Dec 5, 2010

St. Louis Tonight... Tomorrow also St. Louis!?

So we are two weeks from a Holiday rest in jolly Boston... Hooray for linear time! Tonight All Ages is performing in St. Louis @ Lemmons... looks cool from the outside!

The tour has been pretty stressful and Tom and I are realizing how crazy our life choices have been... Despite our own sense of "WTF" we have a supportive cast of friends who just won't let our dream die... We do it for them.

Mark has been a great road manager and Masa is keeping up well with meeting people and hopefully keeping touch with some people.

Although a time off from tour is coming, the time to start booking for February is now here... So if you want All Ages to drive through your town send an e-mail d.soares@shameless-self.com ... We might even play!

We're tired but tenacious, broken but hopeful, and tragically in love with what we do... Romeo and Juliette took the easy way out!

Dec 1, 2010


We've just had a great string of shows in Arizona... and met very interesting people, and made new friends!~! We can't wait to get back to Tempe, Glendale and a personal favorite Prescott.

Next we took a long drive up to Boise and played for 1332 Records Punk Mondays at the Liquid Lounge. Great show, great bands... I nearly shattered my knee in a drum jump... but danger is what we do!

Last night: Bar Deluxe St. Louis: We had a disappointing turnout due to "local band error" but it's cool, because we met Kaci and Jake two of the kindest people we've met so far... Humanists for sure! We crashed with them and took off to Wyoming.

Tomorrow Night... DENVER, COLORADO Lions Lair~ We've been waiting for this show for some time now...

Coming in January: New Videos by All Ages @ www.youtube.com/iloveallages