Dec 1, 2010


We've just had a great string of shows in Arizona... and met very interesting people, and made new friends!~! We can't wait to get back to Tempe, Glendale and a personal favorite Prescott.

Next we took a long drive up to Boise and played for 1332 Records Punk Mondays at the Liquid Lounge. Great show, great bands... I nearly shattered my knee in a drum jump... but danger is what we do!

Last night: Bar Deluxe St. Louis: We had a disappointing turnout due to "local band error" but it's cool, because we met Kaci and Jake two of the kindest people we've met so far... Humanists for sure! We crashed with them and took off to Wyoming.

Tomorrow Night... DENVER, COLORADO Lions Lair~ We've been waiting for this show for some time now...

Coming in January: New Videos by All Ages @ www.youtube.com/iloveallages

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