Dec 22, 2010

New Songs

I've been writing non stop for several days... being on tour didn't give me a chance to really think about stuff... I like some of it. Maybe we'll have enough material to release an EP in the Fall of 2011. Look out for our single 42 Sub Machine Guns due out Summer 2011 on Shameless Self~~

But we're back on the road in a few weeks, so it won't be long. See you soon.


Dec 12, 2010

February 2011 TOUR Leg

All Ages is now booking for February 2011. We will be in the following cities; Trenton-NJ, Cleveland-OH, Indianapolis-IN, St. Louis-MO, Breckenridge-CO, Denver-CO, Salt Lake City-UT, Prescott-AZ, Phoenix-AZ, Tempe-AZ, San Diego-CA, Fresno-CA, and a SpEcIaL CD Release WEST Show in SAN FRANCISCO!

For booking inquiries please e-mail; d.soares@shameless-self.com

Dec 10, 2010

Indianapolis, IN

What a great time in Indianapolis! We came to town to use the Borders at the mall for the free WiFi (we bought coffee!), and we happened upon LIZARDS lounge... They were having a Jam session Open mic. We walked in and inquired to what was going on and they immediately suspected that we were a band and gave us a 20 minute slot! Tom got Naked... again. We came back to Indianapolis after visiting Laura Sisk (engineer) in Bloomington, and we did a 30 minute set! We met some great people whom we hope to stay in touch with.

Lot's of love to Indianapolis, Indiana beautiful and kind people!

Check out the band Goliathon

Dec 5, 2010

St. Louis Tonight... Tomorrow also St. Louis!?

So we are two weeks from a Holiday rest in jolly Boston... Hooray for linear time! Tonight All Ages is performing in St. Louis @ Lemmons... looks cool from the outside!

The tour has been pretty stressful and Tom and I are realizing how crazy our life choices have been... Despite our own sense of "WTF" we have a supportive cast of friends who just won't let our dream die... We do it for them.

Mark has been a great road manager and Masa is keeping up well with meeting people and hopefully keeping touch with some people.

Although a time off from tour is coming, the time to start booking for February is now here... So if you want All Ages to drive through your town send an e-mail d.soares@shameless-self.com ... We might even play!

We're tired but tenacious, broken but hopeful, and tragically in love with what we do... Romeo and Juliette took the easy way out!

Dec 1, 2010


We've just had a great string of shows in Arizona... and met very interesting people, and made new friends!~! We can't wait to get back to Tempe, Glendale and a personal favorite Prescott.

Next we took a long drive up to Boise and played for 1332 Records Punk Mondays at the Liquid Lounge. Great show, great bands... I nearly shattered my knee in a drum jump... but danger is what we do!

Last night: Bar Deluxe St. Louis: We had a disappointing turnout due to "local band error" but it's cool, because we met Kaci and Jake two of the kindest people we've met so far... Humanists for sure! We crashed with them and took off to Wyoming.

Tomorrow Night... DENVER, COLORADO Lions Lair~ We've been waiting for this show for some time now...

Coming in January: New Videos by All Ages @ www.youtube.com/iloveallages

Nov 23, 2010

Arizona and beyond...

All Ages is 'resting up' in Arizona for a few days... we have 3 shows in the Phoenix area; not driving is definitely resting! The shows so far have been great! Eureka, CA and Fallon, NV had great turnouts and we'd like to thank the bands who helped us out! And the ladies @ the Lion... Love you!

11/23 Tonight we will be performing two open mics: 2 Acoustic songs by Derrik @ Buena Coffee and 2 Full band songs @ Devils Advocate

11/24 Wednesday: We're at Copper State Tavern in Glendale
11/25 Thursday: THANKSGIVING (And we're really grateful for our good friend David in Phoenix for having us this year. We love crashing at your place!
11/26 Friday: Big Fish in Tempe
11/27 Saturday: We're in Prescott @ Sundances Place

11/28 Sunday 1000 mile Drive to Boise, ID


Please send donations via Paypal.com to srsderrik@yahoo.com ANYTHING is helpful in inching us along our little path. Money will go toward gas for our tour ONLY. Thank You very much. We Love you too!

On to the Future : : : : . . . .

January 2011: All Ages performs in NYC Time Square for the Real Radio Show (details)

February 2011:
SAN FRANCISCO CD Release for "A New Kind of Citizen" TBA

August 2011:

Look us up on Facebook and Twitter

Nov 21, 2010

Fallon Nevada~

All Ages had a great time at The Daily Grind. We'd like to thank Joses and Melissa and Trigger for helping us have such a wonderful time. We went on a bit late, but that's never stopped us before! This venue continues to be a fantastic stop for us and many bands who tour the west coast loop. Pictures to be posted on Facebook under "All Ages"

Nov 3, 2010

Okay, Break is Over... Back to the Road

It's been nice having a couple of weeks off... but time to get back on the road. We have a full schedule Nov. 7th-Dec. 17th We have about 22 shows and you can check out the details at www.iloveallages.com. We have made a serious dent in our 220 show goal so far.

Upcoming: January-February 2011
New England Tour in January
East Coast: Maine-Florida February

Counting down to Japan

Oct 23, 2010

Throat Infection

All Ages is taking 2 weeks off due to Derrik having a throat infection. After a little rest, All Ages will be back on the road.

Oct 19, 2010

Trenton, NJ Oct. 19th

Today is chilly here in Trenton... All Ages has a show tonight @ Mill Hill Basement, should be fun... We had a great time last night @ The Trash Bar in Brooklyn where we met some beautiful people from Florida!! We've only been on the road now for a few days, but I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm just not as interested in touring anymore. Not like this. 70 dates straight scraping by to meet people and sell our music just seems like the hard way... I'm going to finish All Ages commitments here and in Japan for Shameless Self Productions' "A New Kind of Citizen" and then I'm going to seriously rethink how we produce and deliver our music. We have a day or two off coming up, so maybe I'll start brainstorming instead of lamenting :)

Oct 13, 2010

Infomercial for "A New Kind of Citizen"

I'm not sure why we took two weeks off to film and edit an infomercial, but we're pretty happy with the results... We'd like to thank the studio audience that was both disgusted and amazed at all the amazing things our new album is good for.


Sep 17, 2010

Thank YOU, The TOUR and back to Bookings!

We'd like to thank all the bands and friends who helped make our Summer Tour so fun! Thank you to everyone who came out and thanks to all of our Sponsors! We will be taking a few weeks off to rest before we hit the road for our Fall and Winter Tour starting in New Jersey Oct. 17th! Our goal is 280 shows in the US and Japan... we've performed 36 and have 40 for the Fall... only *^Oh god! 204 to go... We didn't even break 200!!?? Well, I hope our van holds up!

Also, check out our fun new website www.iloveallages.com (It's not fun, it's normal~)
Support the band and donate for gas via paypal to srsderrik@yahoo.com Anything helps and for any donation we will send you a limited edition All Ages Sticker... kissed by Tom himself! We love you!

Aug 28, 2010

"A New Kind of Citizen" on Sale NOW

We are happy to officially announce the release of "A New Kind of Citizen" available by download at www.cdbaby.com/allages or on www.itunes.com/allages Album 9.99 and singles are .99

For CD's contact and order from Shameless Self Productions: d.soares@shameless-self.com and place the order using Paypal... 13.95 plus shipping and handling.

The First 100 orders get a free Mp3 of our cover of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson instantly!

Punk Rock for Senior Citizens


Jul 27, 2010

New Drummer and the Fast Track

All Ages would like to thank Josh Friedberg for his efforts with All Ages. Josh filled in as drummer from January-June of 2010 playing limited live shows and demoing songs in the studio. We congratulate Josh for being accepted to Columbia College of music in Chicago, where he will continue to pursue his career. Good luck Josh! We are sorry to lose you.

However, All Ages is extremely happy to announce that Masa Kaida has joined All Ages as drummer. Masa created much of the drums and performed on "A New Kind of Citizen" (Out August 1st) and will perform for the extensive tour beginning in late August. Masa is a recent graduate of M.I. in L.A. which is pretty awesome! Masa will be joining All Ages in Boston for rehearsals beginning August 1st.

We have secured a great studio and team of supporters here on the East Coast and look forward to a quick jump in our action.

All Ages song "Let's Stay United" has been selected for licensing. Details to come.

Jul 8, 2010

Day 24: Is it day 24?

Tour is crazy... I've realized that tour is not just playing shows, not just recording and driving... it is happening in our lives constantly. Once we decided to leave our jobs, our homes and our friends... we were on tour. We are on tour until we complete our goals. I am so grateful to say, we are off to a great start. We've sold many copies of "Citizen"... and have given away twice as many for promotion.

It's Thursday. I blogged. Job over for the day. I'm going to get more serious tomorrow.

Check out:
Follow us on Twitter... We took a left where we should have stopped... but hey Follow us anyway:

Jul 6, 2010

Day 23: Regroup in Boston

All Ages has relocated temporarily to the East Coast: Boston. We have had to cancel the summer portion of our tour and plan to be running again in mid September. We will perform 58 shows in the US ( 2010 dates and cities to be announced in a few weeks). In the meantime Tom is preparing for the 2011 Japan Tour and blogging a crazy amount of video www.ameblog.jp/tomallages, and me, I've been laying back writing a bunch. Time to get busy though... we have a lot to do.

We will be recording an EP in October. We are taking a more relaxed approach to these new songs and it has given us an amazing sense of musical freedom. We are almost just allowing the songs to happen... almost.

A New Kind of Citizen has been unofficially released at Shows. So grab them early at a show and get a new, A New kind of Citizen Sticker and Pin set. Hooray for you! If you can bear the wait August 1st we are going to sell a limited amount of A New Kind of Citizen on our website www.iloveallages.com (The website is currently being built and visiting the site now will redirect you to our fantastic Myspace!

More updates to come. :)

We want to thank our sponsor Crystal Deodorant www.thecrystal.com They have been great supporters throughout the tour. We have converted our families! They love Crystal too.

We are on Twitter... Every thought, every second... Everything. Sometimes.

Jun 23, 2010

Day 9: Salvage

Tom and I are in San Francisco now meeting with close friends and our small board of trustees to re-examine our options. An early Japan tour may be the result, but we are not happy about the idea of dropping the US Summer. We may alienate many bands and venues with whom we planned on working with along the way. Our van is fine.

Jun 22, 2010

Day 8: A Back Step Behind

Back in San Francisco. Regroup. Re-plan. We've had some ridiculously bad luck... the van and mileage were an increasing problem. We duct tape fixed that... but the BP spill, besides being a great tragedy and soon to be another example of injustice, has caused gas to increase by almost a dollar in some areas of the country. With summer fast approaching we anticipate even higher gas prices. Never mind the amount of money we've lost... The Tour is still on but we've had to cancel 4 shows to save 200, and our All Ages brand. We are fighting to continue on. Tom and I are feeling a lot of pressure but we've resolved ourselves to this tour. We've spent more than two years preparing and planning- so we need to adapt to the present situations. Don't get me wrong, we didn't invest everything into the US tour... We may relocate and rethink Japan as our primary tour location for the album with the US as a secondary. But the album was written for the US tour. We are taking a few days, but I haven't stopped booking, and we are practicing more than ever. We've cleaned out the van, and reorganized our merch... things are gonna be ok. We want to thank our title sponsor:
Follow us on Twitter... we obviously know where we are going!

Jun 17, 2010

Day 3: Business Business Business

We have been working on booking shows and discovering our van for these first couple of days. This gives us the option to go home and give up... if the van doesn't work... It works, so we'll just keep going. Tonight we play the Ruby Room on University in San Diego. This morning we played some acoustic in the park we've been sleeping at... The senior citizens walking by seemed to be enjoying themselves. Good thing we know how to play the jitter-bug!

Thanks to our Sponsor:

We really use this stuff... check it out. Walgreens/CVS/ Online @ www.thecrystal.com

Jun 16, 2010

Day 2: A New Kind of Citizen Tour

Today we woke up freezing in the van... in SAN DIEGO... who knew? Day 1 was rough. This was our first long distance in the van and we had to do some quick fixing to keep our mileage. I'm surprised Tom and I didn't kill each other over the stress... but we're pros :)



NEXT SHOW: San Diego, THE RUBY ROOM 1271 University Ave. 21 and up 7PM ShArP!

Jun 2, 2010

New Songs on MYSPACE

What up? I loaded about 7 new tracks from "A New Kind of Citizen" Check them out and let us know what you think.


May 27, 2010

A New Kind of Master

Tom and I have completed Mastering our mixes for "A New Kind of Citizen" due out in mid June... everything seems to be on track, which is a change for us. Mike Wells of Mike Wells Mastering worked with us for several hours on our tracks and really brought to life what Chris Mayrena and All Ages recorded and produced. We'll be adding tracks soon to www.myspace.com/allagesband and don't forget our tour begins June 15th. Dates and info to be posted to www.shameless-self.com and all of our web pages shortly.

Soon to come:
Launch of www.iloveallages.com and www.ihateallages.com
Follow All Ages on Twitter (yes, we are working on a twitter!)
All Ages on Facebook (Tom is in charge of this, so apologies in advance...)

May 21, 2010

The Pillows in San Francisco 2010

Tonight. Slims. San Francisco... THE PILLOWS!!! It's been great working for the Pillows and their label Delicious. Helping put together shows this size have helped Tom and I with our own booking and performances. If you don't know who the Pillows are, check them out... FLCL!!!

Slims 333 11th St.
San Francisco
Door 7pm Show 8pm
Tickets only available at the Box Office
$28 at the door
All Ages (ha)

May 18, 2010

Still Booking

Wow, All Ages is booked out until late July... I'm going to continue booking. So far we are spread over Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho... by late July and August we should be around Texas and Oklahoma. To book All Ages contact me d.soares@shameless-self.com

We are very excited. We have finished the mixing on our CD and going through all the pre-tour routines; Van, Merch, Shows... check! Lot's more to do.


May 1, 2010

Yoga and the Last Performance of the House Band

Wow, today is actually day 3 of me writing in this blog. Happy Anniversary! Today I'm working in the studio recording a nice young lady who has made a Yoga Video. She's recording the voice overs "... and when you bend this way remember to breath from your happy zone." Stuff like that! A few hours of voice over work, then a couple of hours with this group called Simian Scribes (look em up). And finally tonight... All Ages' final performance for ShortLived 3.0 with the amazingly talented PianoFight Productions. If you made it out to a show, Thank You, this has been an incredible experience for us and quite a challenge. Actors are legit crazy! But we love the folks at PianoFight.

Apr 30, 2010

Booking The Tour Day 2

Another day of booking... Spent most of today researching fanzines and magazines willing to listen to some songs and offer reviews. Currently booking the West Coast. I agree this post is pointless, but Tom won't shut it unless I blog daily! So here we go.

Also a bit of Shameless Self Promotion:

Kimos May 19th

All Ages is playing with some killer local bands; Like Bandits, and Black Boy Rockin It... Come check it out. $6 21 and up ... Nudity considered.

Apr 29, 2010

Booking The Tour Day 1

All Ages is getting ready to embark on a huge world tour over the period of 32 months... and unless unforeseen good fortunes present themselves, we are uninterrupted in our quest. Todays booking began with a few short term dates in San Diego for May and June. The first leg of our tour will begin on the West Coast, Slowly move across the South, and up to New England. After a short a break will continue on for a short time across the northern and middle states back to California where we will record a single and prepare for Japan. Booking this tour is very exciting for me, because unlike all of the booking I've done in the past, I'm completely prepared and did all the work already. The rest is just filling in cracks. I'd like to personally thank "Ziggy" of "Another Zeke Production" from San Diego for helping to book All Ages. Keep up with our tour info and watch for when we come to a town near you... Peace. www.myspace.com/allagesband

Apr 21, 2010

Everyday, everyday, everyday

In my quest to blog, I've recently learned that no matter what I have to say, even if nothing, I should blog about it. So... um... it's Wednesday. Overcast, probably will rain, I don't know. How about that crazy volcano business... Tom is making me blog as I type here... but really I should be paying attention to the vocal mix that we are doing on "Hooray" a new track in All Ages debut album "A New Kind of Citizen". Blog end.

Apr 6, 2010

Noodles 2010 Recording

In the Studio this week with Noodles (Tokyo). They are working on a brand new album, that quite frankly is sounding like their best album yet. 11 tracks of pure honest music.

This is just a teaser because we can't officially put up any music... but if you look faintly through the glass and you can see a blurred Yoko. We are promoting heavily with Noodles for upcoming April 9th Show "From Japan with Love Vol. 4" at The Red Devil Lounge in SF.

Apr 3, 2010

Live Theater and the House Band

We (All Ages) have just finished up rehearsals and the opening night of PianoFights' Shortlived. Shortlived is the largest audience-judged playwriting competition in the country. All Ages is the house band- think late night shows. We cover the transitions between the plays while the audience is judging. All Ages also features two new songs from our upcoming album "A New Kind of Citizen".

The 8 plays are very well thought out, entertaining and funny. Only 4 plays go on to round 2. The rules of the competition are given to the attending audience during the introduction. The plays are filled with talented and experienced actors... including a bear... no, really a bear!

Shortlived is also running concurrently in Los Angeles. For more information on PianoFight and Shortlived visit www.pianofight.com

Shameless Self Productions is currently filming a documentary on the San Francisco Shortlived phenomenon. Tickets are selling fast! www.brownpapertickets.com enter promo code 'xocko' or 'allages'

Thank you for your continued support and don't forget to visit www.shameless-self.com

Mar 26, 2010

What Makes People Happy?

I came back from Boston wondering why my grandfather decided to live. Instead of fearing death, or acting indifferent towards it, my grandfather is beginning to see it as rest. He says he's tired. He's on oxygen which gives him a limited radius of travel and he's taking dozens of meds... he feels like a prisoner and is, and a burden but isn't. Instead of jumping into this depression however he goes on living. I think it's awesome... in a sort of way that awe-some really intends.
It is happiness that keeps him alive, and not for fear of death but of choice. If you listen to my songs, I have my opinions, but I'm just as confused as everyone else... I have my periods of lost hope, but it's the happiness of doing what I do that keeps me alive... I'd like to think that anyway.

So I wonder as an exercise in sanity... What Makes People Happy? What Makes You Happy?

this will make you happy:

Mar 6, 2010

The Great Escape

I'm back in Boston visiting my Grandfather who has spent the past 10 weeks in the hospital. My grandfather has spent the past 50 years of his life in and out of hospitals for various medical problems and subsequent miraculous recoveries! He is one of the first men to have had a kidney transplant (Now the oldest living Kidney Transplant Patient) and despite a 20% chance of living for 3 years, he has gone another 50. A triple bypass, a pace-maker, numerous surgeries for dozens of oddities, years of experimental medications, and the respect of the top physicians at Mass General Hospital, Tony has surpassed all of our imaginations in just how much "will" has to do with life and living. He has always credited his will for life to his family, especially his wife, my grandmother Gilda. She has been by his side for the past 55 years and going.

But before his health became his primary obstacle, there was Portugal. Born in Sao Miguel in 1930, Tony and his family were forced to escape in 1949 while Portugal was under the dictatorship of Salazar. My grandfather tells me stories of a time when a dictator under the direct influence of Adolf Hitler but that fearfully allied with Britain and the United States ruled Portugal. Salazar sought to keep his empire by disrupting civil liberties and suppressing political rivals. My great-grandfather and grandfather and the Soares family presented a strong presence and were among the leaders of a rebellion against the right-wing authoritarian government. My grandfathers best friend (a political activist who belonged to another family joining the rebellion) -- one day was flying a private plane between islands, not more than a 10-15 minute trip... he never arrived. He was assassinated. Killed by Salazars' secret police. After weeks of search, nothing was found... no plane, no body... just the disappearance of this young man. With continued efforts to disrupt Salazars' "New State" resulting in numerous attempts on their lives The Soares family were forced to escape. It took many years and too many side stories to explain how they came to settle here in Boston... My grandfather always tells us how he felt when he first saw the Statue of Liberty, and I can't express the sincerity of emotion when his eyes well-up with pride... he takes a breath and says "She was so beautiful."

Never to return to Sao Miguel, Tony taught himself to speak, read and write English (with help from my Grandmother, also a native of Sao Miguel). He Attended night classes while working long hours, 7 days a week in a greenhouse, until he graduated as a draftsman and later through promotion, a mechanical engineer. During his life Tony worked for various corporations, Deck and Honeywell among the top. He was the original patent holder under many of Honeywells' patents that many of us continue to enjoy today (Although the patents are held by Honeywell today).

Most of us can gloat amazing grandparents... and if you got one to gloat about, do it! I could write a book about my Grandfathers adventures... this "blog" barely scratches the surface of the man. Maybe someday I will... until then I will enjoy the time we have left together, and continue to be amazed as the cracks of the story of his life are gradually filled in with substance.

More information on Salazar and Estado Novo (New State) visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/António_de_Oliveira_Salazar

Feb 27, 2010

This is only the beginning!

Tom, the bass player for All Ages, has been bugging me to write and maintain a blog... I keep telling him nobody wants to read what my thoughts on things are... but on the off chance you do, this will be the place where I'll unload.

The truth is I'm a very private person and appreciate the privacy I have... however I understand that We (All Ages and SSP) are very public organizations. We appreciate all of our friends and fans, and I hope if you have any question about who we are as people, you can easily find this page or Toms blog (If you read Japanese).

I named my blog "A New Kind of Citizen" because we are promoting our new album of the same name- but also because I believe that is what we need to become in order to survive with a sense of humanity and civilization. Otherwise... we'll just keep going on the way we do; Political leaders acting like children- not fighting the problems
but fighting each other and creating larger effects from damaged causes. So good luck to anyone who hears me, it's up to you to change the world. One act of kindness goes a long way. Become a New Kind of Citizen!!