Dec 5, 2010

St. Louis Tonight... Tomorrow also St. Louis!?

So we are two weeks from a Holiday rest in jolly Boston... Hooray for linear time! Tonight All Ages is performing in St. Louis @ Lemmons... looks cool from the outside!

The tour has been pretty stressful and Tom and I are realizing how crazy our life choices have been... Despite our own sense of "WTF" we have a supportive cast of friends who just won't let our dream die... We do it for them.

Mark has been a great road manager and Masa is keeping up well with meeting people and hopefully keeping touch with some people.

Although a time off from tour is coming, the time to start booking for February is now here... So if you want All Ages to drive through your town send an e-mail d.soares@shameless-self.com ... We might even play!

We're tired but tenacious, broken but hopeful, and tragically in love with what we do... Romeo and Juliette took the easy way out!

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