May 27, 2010

A New Kind of Master

Tom and I have completed Mastering our mixes for "A New Kind of Citizen" due out in mid June... everything seems to be on track, which is a change for us. Mike Wells of Mike Wells Mastering worked with us for several hours on our tracks and really brought to life what Chris Mayrena and All Ages recorded and produced. We'll be adding tracks soon to www.myspace.com/allagesband and don't forget our tour begins June 15th. Dates and info to be posted to www.shameless-self.com and all of our web pages shortly.

Soon to come:
Launch of www.iloveallages.com and www.ihateallages.com
Follow All Ages on Twitter (yes, we are working on a twitter!)
All Ages on Facebook (Tom is in charge of this, so apologies in advance...)

May 21, 2010

The Pillows in San Francisco 2010

Tonight. Slims. San Francisco... THE PILLOWS!!! It's been great working for the Pillows and their label Delicious. Helping put together shows this size have helped Tom and I with our own booking and performances. If you don't know who the Pillows are, check them out... FLCL!!!

Slims 333 11th St.
San Francisco
Door 7pm Show 8pm
Tickets only available at the Box Office
$28 at the door
All Ages (ha)

May 18, 2010

Still Booking

Wow, All Ages is booked out until late July... I'm going to continue booking. So far we are spread over Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho... by late July and August we should be around Texas and Oklahoma. To book All Ages contact me d.soares@shameless-self.com

We are very excited. We have finished the mixing on our CD and going through all the pre-tour routines; Van, Merch, Shows... check! Lot's more to do.


May 1, 2010

Yoga and the Last Performance of the House Band

Wow, today is actually day 3 of me writing in this blog. Happy Anniversary! Today I'm working in the studio recording a nice young lady who has made a Yoga Video. She's recording the voice overs "... and when you bend this way remember to breath from your happy zone." Stuff like that! A few hours of voice over work, then a couple of hours with this group called Simian Scribes (look em up). And finally tonight... All Ages' final performance for ShortLived 3.0 with the amazingly talented PianoFight Productions. If you made it out to a show, Thank You, this has been an incredible experience for us and quite a challenge. Actors are legit crazy! But we love the folks at PianoFight.