Mar 15, 2013

Attention: Bands who... (edited version)


Bands who join annoying battle of the band contests and nag your closest friends and family members, maybe even strangers, into voting for you so that you can have an ill placed sense of accomplishment... or believe that somehow this will bring you closer to your dream... ...
What. The. Fuck~! ...Stop!  
If you spent half the time dedicated to practice and writing... If you took all the energy you use in 
annoying others
promoting your band and put it into some thoughtful, edgy, meaningful, new creative anything from the depth of your soul... you will be heard. 

These disgusting excuses for talent searches don't reward talent, they reward and exploit those who bring the most people to the events. You aren't paid, as if that was even an option... the show promoters are paid. These events are Scams. A type of pyramid scheme. 

These sick fucks prey on your weakness and take advantage of your dream. And they know what they are doing.  
                                         dummies                                                                                                    dummies
The plan is simple, the winners, or maybe two move on to the next round, with other winners who were very popular in their show and brought out a lot of close friends and family who they talked into it or they "just want to see my kid/buddy succeed." "He's following his dream". The shows rake in t thousands! Big thousands!! 

           dummies                                                dummies
Those winners get together with regional winners, who go on to a semi final round, to a final round, to  the goal... maybe a record deal with some subsidiary or a big show with a celebrity, some endorsement... whatever!                                                                        
                                     do something dumb
If you want to be famous, good luck. If you want to be a musician, then sit in a room by yourself or with your friends and create something new and amazing.And Practice all the time... ALL THE TIME. That is proactive. Going out and getting fans by playing real shows and not looking for shortcuts. That is proactive. Touring on a shoestring budget, paying your dues and sleeping sitting up in a van is a time honored tradition. That is proactive. There is no easy way to follow your dreams.
                             producer want-to-be assholes
Don't let these producer want-to-be's twist your dreams or shape your career... don't let anyone tell you how the "industry" works. The industry is an illusion... ... Be successful on your own. Please.