Mar 26, 2010

What Makes People Happy?

I came back from Boston wondering why my grandfather decided to live. Instead of fearing death, or acting indifferent towards it, my grandfather is beginning to see it as rest. He says he's tired. He's on oxygen which gives him a limited radius of travel and he's taking dozens of meds... he feels like a prisoner and is, and a burden but isn't. Instead of jumping into this depression however he goes on living. I think it's awesome... in a sort of way that awe-some really intends.
It is happiness that keeps him alive, and not for fear of death but of choice. If you listen to my songs, I have my opinions, but I'm just as confused as everyone else... I have my periods of lost hope, but it's the happiness of doing what I do that keeps me alive... I'd like to think that anyway.

So I wonder as an exercise in sanity... What Makes People Happy? What Makes You Happy?

this will make you happy:

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