Apr 3, 2010

Live Theater and the House Band

We (All Ages) have just finished up rehearsals and the opening night of PianoFights' Shortlived. Shortlived is the largest audience-judged playwriting competition in the country. All Ages is the house band- think late night shows. We cover the transitions between the plays while the audience is judging. All Ages also features two new songs from our upcoming album "A New Kind of Citizen".

The 8 plays are very well thought out, entertaining and funny. Only 4 plays go on to round 2. The rules of the competition are given to the attending audience during the introduction. The plays are filled with talented and experienced actors... including a bear... no, really a bear!

Shortlived is also running concurrently in Los Angeles. For more information on PianoFight and Shortlived visit www.pianofight.com

Shameless Self Productions is currently filming a documentary on the San Francisco Shortlived phenomenon. Tickets are selling fast! www.brownpapertickets.com enter promo code 'xocko' or 'allages'

Thank you for your continued support and don't forget to visit www.shameless-self.com

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