Jul 27, 2010

New Drummer and the Fast Track

All Ages would like to thank Josh Friedberg for his efforts with All Ages. Josh filled in as drummer from January-June of 2010 playing limited live shows and demoing songs in the studio. We congratulate Josh for being accepted to Columbia College of music in Chicago, where he will continue to pursue his career. Good luck Josh! We are sorry to lose you.

However, All Ages is extremely happy to announce that Masa Kaida has joined All Ages as drummer. Masa created much of the drums and performed on "A New Kind of Citizen" (Out August 1st) and will perform for the extensive tour beginning in late August. Masa is a recent graduate of M.I. in L.A. which is pretty awesome! Masa will be joining All Ages in Boston for rehearsals beginning August 1st.

We have secured a great studio and team of supporters here on the East Coast and look forward to a quick jump in our action.

All Ages song "Let's Stay United" has been selected for licensing. Details to come.

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