Feb 2, 2011

The Danger of this Tour (Feb. 2nd)

We are literally inching our way along on this tour. The weather is dreadful and we are in the middle of blizzards and ice storms. The fog is forcing us to drive 5mph along with the re-icing of our windshield every few minutes... We are taking serious consideration for our lives and may have to cancel shows... We are heading to Trenton, NJ and then to Indianapolis... Ice Storms into Blizzard and Tornado weather... We are trekking along our route and courageously braving the ice, snow blanket and truckers. Most mornings we wake up and need to scrape and shovel our way out, this adds a few hours to our commute.
So why do we do this? We are doing what we love! It's a little of a sense of adventure and a need for adventure... Nothing ventured/nothing gained... and because we are all a bit Crazy. The heat doesn't work, so we have piles of blankets and our spirits are still high... Looking forward to warmer weather and our trip over to Japan.
For now, we'll continue on... details www.iloveallages.com and www.shameless-self.com

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