Mar 11, 2011

Earthquake in Sendai, Japan

The worst earthquake and Tsunami in Japanese history hit the city of Sendai wiping it completely off the island nation. All Ages began tour today in Totori, in the south. We are fine, but the people here are a bit nervous of aftershocks! This disaster of course has unified the people in great urgency. No need to tell you that the survivors are in desperate need of the worlds help! This is what All Ages stands for and in this moment our tour has shifted from a promotional endeavor, to a charity. We will be donating as much as we can from our profits from our entire tour to a charity currently being set up. And we are encouraging all the other bands to participate. In the next few days we will have more details that will allow you and other friends, fans and family to donate as well. We love you all, and we hope to come home with amazing stories of passion, courage and selflessness on our part and from all the great people we are meeting along the way.


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