Jul 27, 2011

Lonely nights ...

I haven't posted in a while. Back in San Francisco for a bit, writing new songs and working out lyrics for the upcoming album... (working title: Lookout! PANDA) Inspired by Nadira Mayrena, daughter of Chris "Hype" Mayrena of Hype Raje Studios. Fun new punk songs and a splash of pop mixed with our passion for catchy melodies have inspired the majority of our music. Less dark, more bright... lyrical content is a bit more extreme... Let's see what happens, we are still working out the details.

On the daily side, Tom and I are hard at work back in our Shameless Self Productions office booking shows and tours for The Pillows and Noodles (September Tour), The Heartbreakers (ex- New York Dolls) for next Spring and All Ages for a Japan tour in the Spring.

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