May 19, 2011

ALL AGES New Support Drummer

ALL AGES New Support Drummer 5/11- 5/20 (2011)

All Ages would like to thank Masa "The Machine" Kaida for his 9 month support with us. This post is about a month late. We wish Masa well while he pursues his own interests in Tokyo and continues his career as a professional drummer in Japan. Good luck Masa!

For the past 3 shows and for our show finale in Tokyo (all Sold Out shows) we have had the pleasure of working with our good friend Kenta Tochio. He is a drummer from Osaka and has been working with the band OFF ROCK. We asked him on short notice to support our tour with Noodles and he was quick to respond. We've never had such an astute and dedicated drummer and even though we've only been playing for two weeks together, he has brought a new life to All Ages that Tom and I have truly missed.

Our last show is this Friday in Tokyo @ LOFT opening for The Pillows and featuring Noodles and Bugy Craxone… after this show Tom and I will return to San Francisco to begin work on our 2nd Album and to rejoin our staff @ Shameless Self Productions to continue our 9-5 projects… (more like 9-9)...

This past year has been difficult and we truly want to thank the three drummers who supported us during this time and allowed All Ages to continue on in good fashion… So, thanks Josh, Masa, and Tochio.

We are excited to say we have made leaps in our expectations because of this tour and All Ages will be around for a long long time… until the next post… Peace, Love and Rock and Roll.

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