May 10, 2011

The Road to Sendai or Japan 2.0

Back in Tokyo...
Sitting in the Tokyo airport again. The time reads 0:06. Our connecting flight to Osaka is in 7 hours.

The plan: Get picked up by Tom's mom and go to his family house. Eat breakfast, shower, sleep for a couple of hours and then meet up with our new drummer and hit a rehearsal studio for an intensive 5 hour practice. After practice we load the van and head to Tokyo. Right where I'm sitting now!

These past few weeks felt like a blur. Meaningless to me, just work, work and more work. I have lost my expectations. Will we be famous? Will we be wealthy? Too many questions… I'm going to try something new and not really care too much. The past few years, this whole project has been a failure in the sense of making money, and building a larger fan-base. It has been a success in the networking area… well, time will tell...

Looking forward, we have four shows, and I think part of both Tom and I know this is the end of All Ages… at least as a lifestyle. It's too complicated to live like this…no money coming in and floods of money being poured out… We travel the world and play for hundreds and thousands of people and they love us… but the numbers just don't translate. We have four shows and I'm not sure what either of us is holding on for... but we do.

The charity work has been the greatest thing Tom has ever done. He has gained international attention and worked hard producing the song and video for "Words of Love". I'm very proud he stood up and took control. I really just feel like I'm along for the ride… I feel like I'm losing the part of me that pushed so hard… But I'm still in the game.

They make these airport benches just soft enough to want to sleep, but just uncomfortable enough to piss me off! We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

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