May 15, 2011

Sendai SHOW ------- venue: Enn

Sendai Enn

Tonight we played our show with Noodles, Bugy Craxone, Jack Pot Bell, and Channel 8 in Sendai. We delivered our original bed sheet banner and the first 15 yard banner to the club and they proudly displayed them. Neat huh? It's fun watching projects come to fruition as planned. We felt good playing too… we missed it… I missed it.

After the show all the bands and the venue staff went out to eat and drink… I'm constantly amazed by people here in Japan. I think it's because in School I wasn't forced to learn another language… Whereas in Japan, English is a standard requirement. Although broken and often bad, it's understandable. I had a great time getting to know Channel 8 and discussing a possible US tour for them… Tom hung with Bad Music (All Ages management in Japan) Maury and Chie. We are relieved to find that they don't fault us for having to leave Japan in the middle of tour as a result of the Fukushima incident. We were nervous, but now we feel fine.

We still have a lot of ground to cover and make up work to do, but it will have to come later, better planned and done out of joy rather than a need or obligation. Most of these bands have been together for 10-20 years (seriously!) … All Ages has only been together for 6 years. We constantly question ourselves… why haven't we "made it" in 6 years when so many bands come together and in just a short period and "make it" … The problem was our definition of "making it".

We were bluntly told, "You made it, you are it… whatever it is!" It put our minds at ease and suddenly the game is fun again. They call us their little brother band. We are approaching 30 (years old) but we are at least 10 years younger than the members in these groups… We are just a young band.

They say, think of this way; You are 6 years old (learning to spell) (as a band)… Bugy is 13 (their body is changing in strange and mysterious ways) Noodles is 18 (legal finally) and The Pillows (Show May 20th in Tokyo) is 24… Most bands don't make it past 2 years.

The glass is half full … but full of what?

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